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Render.Bar provides architects and developers the ability to communicate their ideas to clients through static images, animations and VR.

We are a community of artists, storytellers and architects. We believe that the right combination of design and its visual interpretation is the only way to reflect the creator’s initial idea and help the viewers interpret it as it was intended.

The main goal of our work is to grasp the creator’s idea precisely so that we can translateit to the viewers in the most comprehensive way.

Still images

• Full CG
• Photomontage
• CG environment with backplate

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Architectural Visualization – Animation

Creative movies ( Architectural animation can be not just a walk through but a movie based on a script. This type of video can provide to the viewer a better understanding and bring more value to the project. RNDR.BR team can create this script together with you and build a masterpeace for your project)

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VR experience

Video tour inside you architecture or interior project. Tap the links below to check some of the latest interior and exterior tours

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To be launched soon…

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